Quarrybrook’s curriculum is written to best support the learning that is taking place in K-12 classrooms in MA and NH.  To do this, we write lessons that match the state and national standards for STEM, ELA, history, and all other disciplines.

In order to ensure that our curriculum is meeting the objective and needs of K-12 teachers and students, as well as the mission of Quarrybrook, we routinely assess and evaluate our own activities and outcomes.  Most of this takes place as informal assessment within our field classes: asking questions to find out what students and teachers are learning during their visit, and using hands-on projects to allow students to demonstrate their new knowledge.  Other evaluations are done through formal means, allowing us to collect information about the impacts of our curriculum on classroom learning, overall achievement, and attitudes about the natural world.

Information about assessment and evaluation at Quarrybrook is currently available to participating schools through a direct request at [email protected].  In the summer of 2018, our first published evaluation report will be available to all interested parties, through this website.