In order to become a Participant School and schedule visits to Quarrybrook, please follow the steps listed below. Feel free to contact us at any point with questions as we are happy to assist.

  1. Take a look at our Field Course Catalog to find lessons that align with your classroom curriculum. If there is not a lesson that aligns, know that Quarrybrook Educators are always working to create new curriculum and would be happy to work with you to design a new lesson with enough lead time.
  2. Contact [email protected]┬áto schedule an in-service. All new participating schools are required to complete a 45 minute in-service with a Quarrybrook staff member.
  3. Before the in-service, please review the following Policy and Procedure packet. Includes information on the following:
    • Scheduling Procedure and Form
    • Collaborative Teaching
    • Safety and Behavior
    • Waivers
    • Assessment
    • Inclement Weather
  4. Following your in-service, return the Policy and Procedure Acknowledgment form and the Field Course Scheduling form sent to you by the Administrative Assistant prior to your in-service.
  5. Receive your confirmation of scheduled field courses and welcome to Quarrybrook!