As part  of Quarrybrook’s mission to serve both teachers and students, we are actively creating Professional Development opportunities for K-12 teaching in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, as well as for pre-service teachers enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs, and for college-level instructors looking to better understand the pathways from K-12 to higher education.

Our Professional Development Philosophy is that teachers are experts in their own practices, and that the best professional experiences happen when teachers are given the time and space to share their knowledge with one another.  At Quarrybrook, our facilitated workshops and seminars are focused on sharing practices and activities through demonstration and discussion.  Educators at Quarrybrook will be active discussion leaders, presenting ideas from our own extensive curriculum; however, we invite all participants to bring their expertise to the table and to learn from their colleagues.  All of our professional development offerings include hands-on examples, discussion and reflection, and tangible resources that can be taken directly into the classroom.  Our longer programs also include curriculum writing time, with support from our Education Team.

The practices and activities that we demonstrate at Quarrybrook professional development events are based on the shared expertise of our Education Team, who have a wide range of academic and pedagogical knowledge.  The lessons we develop for field classes are based on current state and national standards, and use evidence-based instructional practices to support student learning of content, concepts, and cognitive strategies.  In our professional development programming, we draw on the same areas of expertise and evidence to create workshops and seminars that meet the needs of K-12 teachers in a variety of content areas, add to the growing knowledge of pre-service teachers, and enrich the practices of professional educators at any level.

For more information about our professional development programming, please visit the links below.  You can also contact us at [email protected] or by calling 603-890-1222.