Fall at Quarrybrook is a pretty amazing time.  After a quiet summer with the building to ourselves, suddenly we are surrounded by students and teachers again.  The transition is a lot like the transition of the trees around us: bright, colorful, and – this year especially – more spectacular than we could have expected!

Although the school year has barely started, since September we have been visited by 2,391 students and more than 200 teachers, chaperones, and parents.  We have welcomed back many old friends, and also hosted new groups on their first day at Quarrybrook.  Each day has been full of adventure and challenge!  The most recent adventure unfortunately came from the storm towards the end of October.  We lost several big trees and were out of power for four days.  However, our dedicated and capable Education team worked together to clear the downed trees and ensure that our trails are safe, and we are excited to have our building filled with students and teachers once again!

Everyone who has visited Quarrybrook this fall has spent time exploring the transition from summer to fall as they hike our trails, investigating change and discovering the science (and math, art, literature, and history!) behind these changes.  Some students have focused on the ways in which our plants and animals prepare for colder temperatures; other groups have tried their hand at predicting changes in the weather that tell us, day by day, that fall is here and winter is not far behind.   We have had several groups experiment with physics – and learn that October is not the best time for water balloons.  Brrr! No matter what the lesson, each day has been an opportunity to experience first-hand the amazing annual shift from summer to fall in New England.

Over the past week, as our most stubborn trees finally release their leaves and the temperatures are just a bit colder each day, we have been seeing the signs that it is time for another transition.  The fall has been beautiful and vibrant, but we are all ready for what comes next – and so are our plants and animals!  It won’t be long before the snow begins to fall, and our visiting teachers and students get to see a whole other side of Quarrybrook: one we love and we think that you will, too!