Based on Experiential Education pedagogy, field classes at Quarrybrook are designed to engage students in curriculum that uses investigation, creative thinking, and reflection to guide the learning process. We believe that when students are involved in active, authentic tasks they do their best learning. Learning about and developing an appreciation for the natural world is a life-long endeavor! Quarrybrook is excited to open our doors to members of the community, to friends, and to families so that everyone can connect and learn through experience. To foster learning, experiences need facilitators who can ask questions, present ideas, and share discovery with students. We are proud to share what we do with professionals in K-12 education through various Professional Development opportunities that provide a chance to reflect on the power of Experiential Education.
About Quarrybrook

At Quarrybrook, our mission is to facilitate innovative teaching and learning experiences that inspire excitement for learning and a sense of curiosity about the world. We provide teachers and students with a unique natural setting in which to learn through active collaboration, where teachers will gain the tools and inspiration to bring the transformative power of experiential education to their own classrooms.

Our vision is the cultivation of a center known for its exceptional educational programming, student-centered approach, and teacher professional development offerings, all grounded in an experiential, inquiry-based framework. Set within a rich natural habitat that provides an opportunity for both formal and informal learning, Quarrybrook is a locus of ideas, activity, enrichment, and education for teachers, students, and all our visitors.

The seventh-graders looked very content and calm on returning to school. It was almost as if they were under the spell of what they had seen and done....

-Middle School Administrator